Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wow, I hadn't really realized how long it had actually been since I had actually blogged. So I guess it is time to stop procrastinating and start blogging again.

Well, the transition from community college to the university has probably been one of the hardest transitions I have ever made. The "transition" as all my advisers like to call it is probably the biggest reason that I have neglected this blog for as long as I have. In August, I started my first semester majoring in Molecular and Microbiology with a double minor in Chemistry and Forensic Anthropology. That's a mouthful. So what's really cool about this program is that you are able to take several classes taught by the med school professors that will be teaching at the university's new medical school. This is amazing primarily because these guys are pretty brilliant, doing amazing research, and they are teaching us at the same the same level that they would their med school students.

Since I am still trying to finish my last few general science courses I decided to only take one clinical course this semester, Human Embryology and Congenital Malformations. This class is tremendously interesting and incredibly boring at the same time, but a good part of the boring part is just the hour the class is held and the fact that I've just had lunch.

I will honestly say though that the university is a completely different world. I have definitely had a harder time meeting people that I can just relate with. I must admit that it is discouraging when people assume that its stupid for me to want to go to medical school just because I'm older and have a family. Although I do get frustrated by their comments it does light a fire in my butt as well and makes me realize that if they didn't think I could get in they wouldn't even waste their time with their comments. That makes me feel good.

Well I need to get back to studying, but I will try and be better with my posting, until then.... love, peace and chicken grease.