Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why is skinny so important to the female gender?

Yes, I know being thin is considered to be more healthy, more beautiful and what everybody wants to be but why is it so much more important to females?

This post is complete brought on because I'm dieting and right now I am soooooo hungry. I am doing a 5 day detox that involves eating only 10oz. of protein and at least a gallon of water a day. Yes folks, this is a diet I am doing through a doctor who is closely monitoring me and I have daily supplements that include vitamins, appetite suppressants and something called a filler. Ha! A filler, the only type of filler I want is a cheeseburger! But back to the point, although many will tell me I'm crazy for doing this type of 'extreme' diet, I need it. Not only am I a diabetic who will surely come off of her meds if I lose some weight I can honestly say I want to look athletic and fit. The question still remains,,,, why is this obsession with weight seem to affect us women much more drastically?

In my opinion, I think it has a large part of our obsession with our weight is the need we have to be desired by men. I'm not talking about the men we are attached to because most of the time the men we are attached to are not the one's that fuel our our desire to be 'attractive and fit'. I think that almost every woman enjoys knowing that they are desirable physically to men that can't have us. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know their are quite a many women out there that will say that this isn't true and they don't care about what other people think and that the only thing that concerns them is how they feel. But really, dig deep now, everyone knows how good it feels to have someone think you are 'hot', 'sexy', 'banging' or any other of those demeaning words that shouldn't make us smile but come on really don't they? Am I the only one out here that can HONESTLY say that hearing any one of those things said while being referred to wouldn't put a smile on your face? And really, I'm tired of hearing that our obsession with being thin is brought on by the media,,, Really? Aren't we the one's to blame? Aren't we the one's that spend millions a year in this country on diets, gym memberships that most of us will never use, clothes that don't really fit us but we keep in the back of the closet so that we can have a motivating factor to lose those extra 20 or so pounds?

Who knows, maybe the only point of this rant is because I WANT A CHEESEBURGER, FRIES AND A MILKSHAKE. Okay ,,,,, so now that I'm done with this rant, and since I refuse not to stick to this for my last day before I can have some veggies I'm off to have my 8oz of plain chicken breast, my last 32 ounces to meet my gallon of water requirement for the day and then off to walk/run my 3 miles on the treadmill.

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